My name, obviously enough, is Tom Vogel.  I’ve been a computer geek for 37 years now, since the age of 8.  My first computer was a Vic20 and I’ve never been without one or more computers since.  I’m now a self employed IT guy, or as I prefer: “geek”.  I also have begun using the term technologist as I help folks with everything from cell phones to televisions to “traditional” computer issues.

This is a personal blog so you’ll find posts here reflecting my life overall.  This may range from computer issues to kid stories.  My general life philosophy is “Take me as I am or I don’t care to know you”.

I also plan to run a few ads here as well as some other things to generate a bit of income.  This really does nothing more than help pay for the costs to host the site, as well as give me insight into that aspect of the technology world.

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