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Why your WiFi may well not be as private as everyone thought

At the moment, however, anyone who needs to be HIPAA compliant really needs to be aware of this, as should attorneys, accountants, and anyone in the financial industry. Anyone in that list should take steps to ensure they’re keeping patient/client … Continue reading

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Password management

I am often asked about password management and what one should do. I believe most folks should be using a different, randomly generated, password for each service they use online these days. This is because it is never a question … Continue reading

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What’s with the no update thing?

People sometimes ask me why I don’t update this more frequently.  Well, the truth is that this isn’t my main money making business.  Sure, the ads here help cover some tiny portion of my hosting cost but mostly this is … Continue reading

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Having some odd issues

I’ve been having some odd issues with the site. Some of my more recent posts seem to have gone *poof*. 🙁 We’ll call this a test post to see if it is now resolved before I rebuild those.

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Ye Gods, won’t you think of the children?!

Most folks are aware there are places on the web that are a bit, um, seedy.  While I would never suggest we not allow adults to do as they wish (assuming it harms no one else), I also don’t want my … Continue reading

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Backups … they’re for EVERYONE!

Well, I’d been planning a note about backups but waking up to a screen on my laptop saying “Warning! A hard drive error has occurred, please back up your data and run diagnostics.” I figured now was as good a … Continue reading

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Too often have I heard these words:

“Well, we talked about a backup and I bought a new external drive but I’m not sure my files are really on there.” This is almost invariably from a new or prospective client. Regardless of what backup program is used, … Continue reading

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Have you unplugged recently?

There’s an unhealthy expectation in our society that we’re accessible any time anywhere just because we can be. Too often in modern life, folks are too “plugged in”. Even young children seem to feel a compulsion to answer the phone … Continue reading

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Lego Antikythera Mechanism

I’m absolutely fascinated by archaeology and anthropology. I nearly went into these fields professionally years ago. When I first heard of the Antikythera Mechanism, I was frankly not terribly surprised at the complexity of it. It’s long been a pet … Continue reading

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Well done, Weeds!

A late-night post … oh no! 🙂 Seriously, though, I’ve been catching up on Weeds lately via Netflix. While I’m enjoying the show a lot, one thing truly stands out. This show deals with breast cancer in as as straightforward … Continue reading

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