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Password management

I am often asked about password management and what one should do. I believe most folks should be using a different, randomly generated, password for each service they use online these days. This is because it is never a question … Continue reading

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Ye Gods, won’t you think of the children?!

Most folks are aware there are places on the web that are a bit, um, seedy.  While I would never suggest we not allow adults to do as they wish (assuming it harms no one else), I also don’t want my … Continue reading

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Backups … they’re for EVERYONE!

Well, I’d been planning a note about backups but waking up to a screen on my laptop saying “Warning! A hard drive error has occurred, please back up your data and run diagnostics.” I figured now was as good a … Continue reading

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Too often have I heard these words:

“Well, we talked about a backup and I bought a new external drive but I’m not sure my files are really on there.” This is almost invariably from a new or prospective client. Regardless of what backup program is used, … Continue reading

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Apple “Just Works”? Yeah right!

A friend gave me an iPod Touch a while ago.  I finally got around to setting it up, only to have it devolve into most of a day of frustration.  That’s right, folks, even we pros have issues sometimes. As … Continue reading

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