What’s with the no update thing?

People sometimes ask me why I don’t update this more frequently.  Well, the truth is that this isn’t my main money making business.  Sure, the ads here help cover some tiny portion of my hosting cost but mostly this is here because, as a technology consultant, I need to be familiar with all aspects of the modern world.  That includes things like ad networks, websites, blogs as well as the other aspects that I consult on in person with folks.  My services cover every aspect of technology from televisions to gadgets such as cell phones or tablets and even (gasp!) computer issues.

While I may not update this often, I tend to use it as an information source to which I can refer clients.  That way I can send a link to my Eset writeup, for example, without having to type it all over again.  There are many other websites which discuss the basics of tech news and such so I don’t feel a need to cover all that again.

I’m here, though, and will post updates periodically.  For example, I recently purchased an Android tablet and will post my impressions of that before too long.

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